Certificate problems with EM (really annoying too)

Every time I start EM I am challenged to accept the self-signed certificate from my mail server. I have tried installing it over and over, but even though the ‘install certificate’ widget appears to install successfully, the program runs into problems and reports difficulty (intermittently) connecting to DAV calendars or mail. It is ruining a potentially beautiful relationship… Please help!

Can you please send me the URL of the calendar server? Thank you.


I sent it to you (4 days ago)…

I cannot find it - what was the subject of the message?

I will send it again… :frowning: Title = “New comment: Certificate problems with EM (really annoying too)”

I have this problem too. It’s really very annoying. I reported this problem a long time ago and I was told : “you have a bad certificate” with no desire to resolve the situation… This is really annoying.

in almost all cases it is bad certificate, to be honest majority of issues are not caused by eM Client as it is designed to follow standards and only in few cases we implement support for non standard features and functions.


My bad certificate works and imports just fine with Thunderbird, Outlook, Chrome, and Firefox.

I’ve the same problems too …

only thing we can do with it is that you will send us your certificate and some of emails which are using it and causes this issue, but that would be against purpose of certificates…

Anyway if this is okay with you then send these things to galis@emclient.com together with this topic’s url in subject.