certificate not found

I have installed the public key of the sender to Preferences - Signing and Encryption - Certificates and Keys. It appears in Others’ certificates/keys already.

However, when I received encrypted email from that sender, eM Client is always showing error:
Local certificate: certificate not found.

What else will I need to do for reading the encrypted email from that sender?
I am on a Mac High Sierra with eM Client 7.2.33338.0


Hi Hung,

For reporting the issues with eM Client Mac OS version, please contact us at betatesting@emclient.com.


Thanks for replying. I just sent to betatesting as you suggested.

I think that there is also a misunderstanding of encryption here. To receive an encrypted message, you first have to send your public key to the other person. They can then encrypt the message when they send it to you. When you receive it, you decrypt it using your private key.

You use the public key from the other person to send encrypted messages to them.

Actually, I am testing on my Mac now. So, I have already both sender and receiver on the same computer, with all keys installed. I am just using Mac Mail to send to eM Client, and vs, but still error.