Category System Lacking

I’m testing eM Client once again after a year or two.  I like where it’s gone, but already have one usability issue.

  • Why must the stock categories be fixed and unremoveable?  I have a very particular custom set of categories I use, as I imagine many people do, and I have to leave categories I don’t want to use in the selection lists.

  • Why is there no way to add / import my existing categories from my exchange account into the selection lists?  For example, if I display or edit a calendar item from my exchange account, I can see it’s category from that account, but I can’t add it to the eM Client listing (to use for new additions).  And thus, I also can’t change the random color assigned to it.

I agree, I am looking at buying EM Client myself and I have imported my Outlook 2007 contacts.  I can see the categories I have already created in contacts with the random colour eM Client gives them but I cannot add other contacts or even new contacts to these categories as they do not exist in the drop down list.  The programme is pretty good in most other areas but the poor categories implementation does let it down.  I will probably end up buying it though as I want to get away from Outlook 2007 and so far I cannot find anything else as good.

Hello Tim and Chris,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. When it comes to categories created on the server, it is however possible to manually create categories with the same name in eM Client, which then get paired up with the categories on the server. These categories can then be managed from eM Client, color included. Could you try the same for your imported contacts, Chris?