Category or Distribution list?


I am testing out eM Client as a replacement for Windows Live Mail 2012 on a friend’s PC.  It appears that I am able to successfully import her emails and contacts into eM Client and her WLM mailing lists get imported as eM Client categories.

My question is, why would someone use a category instead of a distribution list and vice versa in eM Client?  For some reason I cannot send a mass email to a category in the new message dialogue box, but I can to a distribution list.  I can create a new DL for each of the categories, but I suspect this could get confusing for my friend to manage.

Any insight on this would be appreciated.  



I think it is easier to use categories if the contacts belong to more than one group, and more so if this changes often. So you might have a drama group and a soup kitchen volunteers group. Using categories you will then have a separate group now that has the common members from both. Right-clicking on the new group header in Contacts you will be able to send an email to that group, which you can send as a mass mail.

Creating a DL for each category would mean you have a static DL, which will not change if you move the members around in their categories. But the advantage of a DL is you can use it as a source for BCC, whereas right-click on the category does not offer that option.