Category highlighting does not work

I just upgraded to eM Client 6.0 and noticed that none of the emails that have been put into the blue category are highlighted blue like they used to be with eM Client 5. If I include a “category” field, it shows the color in a small rectangle with the category name next to it…but I would prefer that the entire row be highlighted blue. Is this feature still available with eM Client 6?

Hi, we never coloured full email row with colour it was always like this. Also we do not plan to change this behaviour, because now it works as designed.


Hey Jan,
Thanks for the reply. It wasn’t the entire row, per se, but rather the text within the row was a different color based on a rule that I applied. Now I can’t seem to find that option…and I can’t return to the old version to see what I did last time. Does this sound familiar? I swear I had this capability before…if not, it would be very convenient if you guys could add it. I have two email accounts and in the global Inbox I’d like to be able to quickly differentiate between my two accounts. I did this by applying a font color to the fields in the row.
Thanks, Greg

Hi, thank you for your update. And yes, your solution is the one intended and I am sorry for forgetting about it and making your life harder because of that.


Jan, I meant no sarcasm in my earlier reply. I didn’t mean for it to come off that way.
It looks like I was looking for this option:
Tools - Settings - Appearance - Lists - “Use color of category as text color”
It was reset when I upgraded but couldn’t remember where the option was.

Hi, I have received info from my colleague, I am sorry that my previous post looks ungrateful and sarcastic, but it was really meant as apology from my side.

I am able to accept when I make a mistake, but I tried to use apology like I would say it in my mother language and it did not went well.

So I would like to apologize again and properly for providing bad information.

With regards,

Hey Jan, I appreciate the note, and I apologize for my misinterpretation of your reply. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate what you guys do for us end-users on this support forum – being able to ask questions and give suggestions makes the whole eM Client experience even better!

Thank you for your understanding and your support of eM Client, we are happy for every satisfied customer with our product :slight_smile:

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