is it possible to Export the categires and Import them on another pc?

I’ve tried it with Settings as XML, but it doesn’t work

Hello Henner,
with what version of eM Client have you attempted this?
Can you copy full number/s from Help>License section?


Hello Olivia, I have the same question. I have tried it on the last available version (7.0.27943), but to no avail. If I open the output XML, my custom categories are nowhere to be seen.

Best Regards

I have the same problem and I’m using 7.1.32088.0.

I can confirm that in 7.1.32088, exporting settings to .xml does not include the categories. It is not an import issue, they just don’t exist in the .xml file.

Actually, I cannot recall eM Client ever including Categories in the settings.xml file.

You can close eM Client and copy C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\categories.dat from one computer to another, and that will solve the problem. It is important that eM Client is closed when you do that.