I have several categories to which I often send emails. However, if one person belongs to more than one category, a new subset is created which I don’t like.  I need the name to appear in both categoriy lists so that I can select the category and send a group email.

Hello Sheelagh,

Thank you for the feedback. This option is unfortunately currently not available in eM Client, so it is, in fact, a feature request. I therefore changed the type of the thread to ‘Idea’. This feature is not planned for implementation for the nearest updates. Our developers consider features that the users ask for the most so if other users appreciate this idea (by voting for it), I’m sure it will get attention.


My client is using 365 in the cloud and they all use the same mailbox, if they set categories to emails on eM those on Outlook only see a white box that says “Color Flag” and appears in a white box (when it should be the color of the flag box).

A way around this so far I’ve found is if you add a custom category in Outlook that’s labeled as “Color Flag” and set a color it works fine.

I think the issue is actually in the eM client been bugged/out of date/not up to date with current Outlook categories.

eM should be setting categories with the  name category not flag  as this would seem to fix the problem.

Eg Currently in eM if you set a  Red Category  it will come up in Outlook as text reading  Red Flag , if I add  Red Flag  into Outlook as a new category and color it, it works?

eM Dev’s will you fix this? I have a client that would probably purchase a few licenses if this can be fixed.

I have pretty much the same problem although my email server is Zimbra. The categories are not reliably handled correctly by Em Client. Sometimes creating a new calendar appointment  with a category works. It is recorded correctly in the email server and the category is created as well. Then Em Client becomes confused and deletes the category on the client side. The server side remains OK but not on the Em Client side.