categories error by sync


i have problems with sync google by the folder names. in googleonline they are in german and in the emclient they are in english since yesterday. iam german.
the name of the categories by contacts i mean in emclient. where can i reset the categories. how can i see all categories that i can use . em client says i have double categories with same name, when i make to create a new one.

What version of eM Client are you using?
Are all the folders in english? I just tried setting up a german gmail account and the synchronization went ok even though my application is setup on english.

Is your application in german?

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all of my contacts categories are in english. the sync is ok.
in googlemail online the categories in german .

Hi, can you please make a screenshot of the issue?
Both from your webmail as well as from eM client’s interface.

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here are the screenshots

And do you have the contacts from for example the “Freunde” group in “Friends” etc.?

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yes after the german groups was wrong i do the contacts in the english groups new.

Thank you

how can i see all categories that i can use ?

Hi, you should be able to see all the categories in Tools > Categories.