Categories email all button

You can have a Category and Distribution list to manage a subset of contacts but the two are not connected. But Categories are a better way to manage your subset since, unlike Distribution lists, category membership appears on the list of contacts and in the contacts’ Profile.
But if you want to email all members of a category, the only way to do it is to display the Category list, select all (Ctrl+A) and then click To - which isn’t intuitive. It would be much easier to have an Email All button at the top of the list display and as a right click option if you click on the Category.

Hello Paul,
Distribution lists and Categories are two different things so they do not work the same way.
I have changed your post to an Idea thread so our developers might consider changing this behaviour in future versions.

I understand that they are two different things but, from a usability perspective, has anyone thought to ask why you need two methods of creating and managing a subset within a contact list that are mutually exclusive?