Categories and Translation

I’d like to know if I can deactivate the categories labels for Gmail. This new feature was a good idea, but the way that shows the labels wasn’t what I expected for. All categories were imported with colors, making the view confused, and at the message window still doesn’t have any label. So, for me, this improvement doesn’t worth.

Another consideration about the program language, the Portuguese have some mistakes, I don’t know if it’s Brazil PT or Portugal PT, but for Brazil the translation need some fixes. It’d be also good if we could uninstall other unused languages for the program and dictionary, as I use both PT and ENG, when I’m going to select the idiom for a new e-mail, a shorter list (only PT and ENG) would be much better.


You can edit your categories (or remove them) in Menu>Tools>Categories. As for the language, we made some improvements to several translations, an update should be coming soon.

It’s not possible to edit the categories from Gmail, only the categories from EM Client, at least for me they aren’t shown in this menu.

About the translations, I’m using the program in english now, that’s ok for me.

I was in the process of posting and found this. I am having the same issue. EM Client automatically creates a category for any label in gmail and you can’t remove it. I have tons of labels in gmail and now I can’t even assign a category to an email because it takes forever to get the bottom of the list since gmail labels appear first.

Please issue a fix to disable gmail labels or something.

Yes, please fix this! Categories is one of the main things I like about em Client and now I don’t use it.

Same here…categories from Gmail are very confusing. Please fix it. I am considering a pro licence but not if I have to work with all these colours. Thnks

ciao, qualcuno è riuscito a rimuovere le etichette da Gmail? thanks

To remove the label from an email, right-click on the email and choose Categorize. Then simply untick the label you don’t want associated with the email.

Just be aware that when you remove the label from an email on a GMail IMAP account, the email will be removed from any folders corresponding to that label and be visible only in the All Mail folder.

Ok. quando mi arrivano le email, si etichettano di default come importanti. Come faccio a decidere io che etichetta associare? thanks.

There is a way to automatically remove the important label. I am not a GMail IMAP user, so maybe somebody else can comment on this. I know Jay Ogram gave a solution, but I can’t find it right now.

Found it. Have at look at this thread, it may help.

Risolto. THANKS.

Buone notizie!