Categories across clients?

Hello, I am still using the trial and love everything about eM Client so far however there is one major concern that could prevent our company from migrating from Thunderbird to eM, categories.  More to the point synching between clients.  

We have a general purpose email address that several individuals have access to and inadvertently mark read all the time. In Thunderbird we have a system of adding a color tag for unaddressed and addressed emails.  I would assume that the closest thing is categories in eM client however if I set say a red catagory at one location and then check on a diffrent install the category does not show on the secondary install.

is this possible?  We are a smaller company but it would be 10+ licenses.

No, it is not possible to sync categories between clients. If you are using an IceWarp server with eM Client’s IceWarp version, there are some settings sync capabilities, but I am not sure what those are.

If you do discover some solution with eM Client, it would be interesting to hear your workaround as some others have also requested this functionality.

so long story short this is a very incomplete product. This very BASE functionality is available in the windows 10 mail app for crying out loud.

I would suggest then that you use Windows 10 Mail app. :wink:

Noting for future people, this thread is no longer accurate as of emClient 8.