CardDAV not syncing all contacts / Nicht alle Kontakte werden synchronisiert

Some of my contacts stored on an owncloud server are not synced to eM Client. Others of the same contact folder are synced correctly. There are several error messages in the log (german language:

Gemeinsame Kontakte [CardDAV]  Synchronisiere Elemente: Die Synchronisation vom Element /remote.php/carddav/addressbooks/xxxxxx/gemeinsame_kontakte_shared_by_xxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx%xxxxcloud.xxxxxx.xx.vcf ist fehlgeschlagen, durch folgenden Fehler: Ungültiger Datums-/Zeitwert. (1.1.4501)

“Invald date-/time value”, but the vcf-file itself has a normal and valid time value (2015-01-04T21:49:44+00:00).

So, where is the problem? And why are some of the contacts are synced and some others not? Other clients (e.g. Android) are syncing all contacts without problems!

I’ve found the reason. In the vcf-file is an entry “Anniversary” which is not available within owncloud. Maybe it was inserted by an other client.

EDIT: Solution - Remove or change the invalid dates in the vcf and resync. In owncloud you can export each contact folder to one vcf file. Download this export, edit the wrong “Anniversary” values in the file, remove all contacts of the contact folder in owncloud and import the changed vcf file into it. Now the sync to eM Client works fine.

Hi, glad you were able to resolve the issue, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,