CardDav-Nextcloud-Sync failes

Contacts generated or changed directly in Nextcloud with the contacts app are not synchronized with emclient. There are no such problems with e.g. evolution, thunderbird or Apple Contancts App. So some contacts get lost, the emclient is very unreliable in this topic. I really regret that I’ve bought two lifetime licences. You always have to control your contacts manually. Has anybody similar experiences?

Best solution is if you open a support ticket with us, then I can collect some details from you that way and we can see what the issue is.

Did you find a solution to this problem? I don’t use groups in Nextcloud so I am unsure what the issue could be. All other email clients have synced my contacts fine.

As of today 12/01/2023 with emClient 9.2.1222 and Nextcloud 24 problem still persist.

emClient doesn’t like the VALUE=UNKNOWN Nextcloud adds to TEL entries :


Workaround :

1 - Export your contact list from Nextcloud as a .vcf file
2 - Delete your contact list from Nextcloud
3 - Open the file in a texte editor and search ;VALUE=UNKNOWN: and replace by : and save the file
4 - Import the .vcf file to emClient

Hi, so this doesn’t work for me. After downloading the contact list as *.vcf and opening it in a text editor, there is no entry “VALUE=UNKNOWN” at the TEL entries. The problem exists. Changed Contacts in Nextcloud Web Interface lets them disappear in emclient. This concernes several Instances of Nextcloud Server. Apple Contact App, BusyContacts, DAVX and other Android Contact Apps and even Thunderbird are working correct. The problem exists only with the combination emClient and Nextcloud.