carddav edits are not saved, either locally or on the server

I am running eM client 7.1.31849.0 on the trial period.

I was able to setup CardDav with no problems, and all contacts were synced from my mail provider.

The problem is, if I edit a contact on eM and then hit save, it doesn’t get saved at all. If I open the same contact again, the edited information is lost, just as if the contact information was read only. And sure enough, the same contact on the server remains unchanged.

But if I change a contact on the server, changes get synced to eM with no problems.

Don’t know if I am missing something in the setup, but configuration was pretty straight forward, having only to insert server URL and login details.

I am evaluating eM as an upgrade alternative to Windows Live Mail, and this is pretty much the only issue I have with eM so far. Once it gets solved, it’s all go.

Tks and regards