CardDAV and CalDAV with nextcloud not working


I would like to purchase the full version but I need it to work with CardDAV and CalDAV with nextcloud. I tried several configurations but no one works for me.

xxxxxx. net/remote.php/dav failed
xxxxxx. net/remote.php/dav/principals/users/(username)/ failed
xxxxxx. net/remote.php/dav/addressbooks/users/(username)/adressbook/ failed

Username: xxxxxxxxx failed
Username: failed

And I tried with CalDAV:

xxxxxx. net/remote.php/dav failed
xxxxxx. net/remote.php/dav/principals/users/(username)/ failed
xxxxxx. net/remote.php/dav/calendars/(username)/personal/ failed

Username: xxxxxxxxx failed
Username: failed

How can I find a solution to connect to nextcloud?


regards Michael

Have you tried temporarily stopping your AV software?


I don’t use AV software. eM Client is able to connect to nextcloud but not to login. The error message is “Unauthorised” and the sync error log says “Method Not Allowed”.

On my nextcloud I switched of the “Brute-force settings” app and other security apps.

Please can you tell me how to set the right entries.

Account name:
Username: (Just the username or “Ustername @ Url”
Password: (I believe it is just the password nothing else)

Server Address:

(my nextcloud installation is not in an subdirectory and I get the following URL’s from my nextcloud calendar)
https:// and
xxxxxx. net/remote.php/dav or
xxxxxx. net/remote.php/dav/principals/users/(username)/ or
xxxxxx. net/remote.php/dav/addressbooks/users/(username)/(name of addressbook)/

I separate the links because your chat system don’t like so many links.

When I add the the server URL without remote.php/dav/ or URL with remote.php/dav/

I receive no password false message and the following log messages:

22.08.2020 09:53:28 xxxxxxx CalDAV / CardDAV Account properties are synchronized: For host https ://xxxxxxxx. net/
22.08.2020 09:53:36 xxxxxxx CalDAV / CardDAV Account properties are synchronized: Done
22.08.2020 09:53:36 xxxxxxx CalDAV / CardDAV Sync subfolders: For folder xxxxxx
22.08.2020 09:53:38 xxxxxxx [CalDAV / CardDAV] MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: The subfolders of the “xxxxxxx” folder could not be synchronized due to the following error: Method Not Allowed
22.08.2020 09:53:38 xxxxxx CalDAV / CardDAV Sync subfolders: Finished

Is there something else to be noted?

regards Michael

Hello, is anybody out there?

I am a potential customer. Please can you help me?

Ok, I understand.
Your interest in new customers is not very high.

I wish you good luck in the future.


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For everyone who has the same problem with Nextcloud.

Usually you try to install and configure Nextcloud as securely as possible. But then it doesn’t work with eM Client. The eM Client query is simply not allowed.

Here is the solution:

You just have to add an app authorization to the Nextclud installation. You do this as the admin under “Settings” with the menu item “Security”. Here is a list of queries from apps below. There you will find your mobile phone, computer and other apps that have access.

Below is an input field (app name) and here you simply enter “emClient”. Now click on “Create new app password” and then add this password to your eM Client in the Nextcloud CardDAV / CalDAV account.

Have fun.
Regards Michael

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@tremer thanks for your help on this. It’s a shame nobody from eM seems to want to help though. Slightly concerning as a new customer.

Hello and welcome @doof205 and @tremer (not new but i haven’t read your thread).

We use eMC and Nextcloud for some users/customers and haven’t no problems.

You have this config set as “true” > ‘token_auth_enforced’

Now you must generate an APP/Client Passwort in Nextcloud USER Account