can't undelegate

Once you setup delegates for calendars the calendars appear.  I did this with both accounts setup.  I chose the delegating account and delegated to the receiving account.  Then from the receiving account I chose to show the delegating account.  This worked.  In fact, I did it twice and the delegting account’s calendar and inbox shows up twice.

But, there is no way to undelegate.  When you go to the account settings mail/calendar/contacts tab and the delegation section, when you display “accounts you can access” and “change accounts who can access your account” both are completely blank.  No accounts show up at all from either the delegating account or the receiving account.  Yet the calendar and inbox are there.

There is no way in the UI to end delegation.  You can’t delete the calendar folders from the delegating account nor the inbox.

so, this is a broken UI.

And there is no way from my Exchange admin pages to see deletation relationships.  And there is no way to see this from OWA (full) either.

So, I seem to have no choice but to delete the accounts and then go through the interminable syncing process to get things to a clean up state.

Guys, this is just broken.

Hi Lewis, sorry to see this, I’m unfortunately unable to replicate this when I can see the account that can access my account and vice versa. I’m also able to add and delete the delegated accounts, so I believe this is not an issue of the application.

But if you’re unable to access this setting using your OWA or Exchange Administration, I’m afraid this might be a server configuration issue rather than an application issue, please check with your mail server’s support for more information.

Also what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact version number in Help > About?

Thank you,