Can't shut off tone

About every 30 to 90 seconds, I get a triple tone that I think tries to tell me that connection has been lost. However, all connections operate properly. There is no visual indication of any error. I have disabled all sound notifications except incoming mail, yet still get this bing-bing-bing tone every so often (each tone is lower in pitch). I need to disable this irritating action or repair the cause.

How do I do this?

Hi, could you make screenshot of your Tools - Settings - General - notifications?


Here may be the problem: I’ve noticed that eM Client often claims it has lost internet connectivity:

Here are my settings for sound:

I don’t see any nonstandard option there, are you sure that this sound is coming from eM Client?


I don’t know if this actually is eM Client related. However, after one installs new software and weird things follow, one tends to blame the new software.

I still have the following issues:
> When I boot up, my sound is muted. I correct this by increasing or decreasing volume. (I don’t get the Windows startup music)
> I identified the sound that I thought eM Client was making. It’s the Windows sound made when Windows closes a device. I disabled this sound, so the irritation is muted for now. However, when I actually remove a device, I do not get the device removed sound. But that’s a better choice vs. hearing that sound every 10 or 15 minutes.