Can't set up account

Just downloaded emclient. Was able to create my gmail account quickly, with no problems. Yahoo account not so, why the difference? Error message…“the server was found but authentication failed, Check the email login and password”. I know they are correct because I can login to my Yahoo account online. Also tried manual setup from a post here, but that didn’t work either. What are the latest, specific instructions for creating a Yahoo account in emclient. Getting ready to forego any email client and just putting up with Yahoo’s stupid ads.

This should help… posted in Announcements

Hi Al, thanks for your quick response but I have no idea what she’s talking about, and it doesn’t seem to be up to date. For instance, there is no Menu–Accounts that I can find in Yahoo mail. I don’t know what an oAuth, App password, IMAP are and don’t really care. All I want to do is get my email client working. Since they were aware of the impending change by Yahoo, can’t emclient just provide easy to follow steps for setting up Yahoo Mail? Thanks!

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I don’t work for eM Client and I do not have a Yahoo account… all I can do is send along what the eM CLient folks posted to fix the issue.

I am sure that there are a few other volunteers that have more experience with the problem you are encountering and they should be along shortly to offer some assistance.

Have a look at the instructions again. Menu > Accounts is in the eM Client menu.


It is an interesting concept, because with other providers like Gmail, you only need to enable less secure apps when using POP3 if at all. I never saw anyone recommend that for IMAP before, but if it works for you . . . .

Sending me to Menu–Accounts to determine which method I’m using will not work, because, as I have said, I can’t establish an account in the first place.
I tried to set up an App password, but on the Yahoo Security page there was only a "How you sign in " heading with no other info or anything to click on.
Automatic setup doesn’t work either.

You can follow the manual account setup instructions in the Help File. I think that is what was recommended somewhere.