Cant sent emails while vpn is active

HI, newbie here but been using eMCleint for years. After this recent update, I can receive emails but not send them when I have my SurfShark VPN active. I can send emails fine when I turn off the VPN. None of my account settings have changed in eMClient…only the update has been applied.

Is this a known bug in eMClient. Obviously users want to have VPN protection on at all times.

Alot of VPN’s won’t allow email clients to send and receive email while they are running unless they are specially configured. So contact your VPN technical support to see how to configure Surf Shark.

Also see the following thread for help on problems sending with VPN’s enabled. Sometimes you also have to change the SMTP Ports and Security Policy as well as configure the VPN software.

Can’t send mail with VPN connected - Mail - eM Client

If your VPN allows you to change servers, change to another server.
A server can be experiencing hardware/software issues or could be offline for maintenance.

I experience this occasionally with my VPN service…