Can't Send Outgoing Mail!

I set up an account, downloaded all my email, but I can’t send outgoing email – the pop-up message says I have no account!

Are you sure you have the SMTP server configured correctly? Can you please use the Diagnose button in Diagnostics tab?

I have a few accounts and I’m able to do that, but I cannot do it on my Hotmail account. The option is greyed out under the Diagnosis tab. What happens for me now is that half of the time my hotmail email and folders won’t even show up! I really want to purchase the full version of this program, but if I cannot get this to work right, then I am not going to do that. I’ll have to look into another option. I really do not want to do because I really do like eM. Thanks.

I have Roadrunner email through Time Warner Cable. I don’t know where to find the Diagnosis tab–I don’t see it. Is it in the eM Client or in my Roadrunner email program that you are talking about? And how could I send email OK in my Roadrunner program if the SMTP server was not configured correctly? I’ve never had this problem before eM Client. Like Michelle, I like the looks of eM Client and I would like to keep it, but until this problem is overcome, I’m not motivated to look at the program further and see what else it can do (Tasks, etc.) because I will not be able to keep it if I cannot send emails. Thank you.

Contact me directly at so I can send you our internal version containing the fix for this issue.

hi i am having a problem setting up my email account, i have my own website with Mr site, what would my outgoing mail details be, any help will be greatly appreciated.

How could I know it? Contact your website administrator and ask him for the SMTP server settings.