Can't send or receive! Unable to connect to server!

I’m informed of an IMAP error with my email accounts. I am unable to reach the server to send a critically important reply to a job email!
I’m suddenly not sending or receiving mail - and yet my Internet access is fine!

Just an eM Client users here…

The error could be with your email provider.  Have you tried to go directly through them to send your email?  

For example, I can go to to access my email account there, or my ISP, Comcast, to receive and send email there.  Have you tried doing this direct route?  This will tell you if it is eM Client or your email service provider that is causing the problem.

Our web space server is 1&1 and they also provide our email service. I can reach my webmail from online. It’s EM Client that can’t sync with 1&1

Write a reply wish i could help but it has just happened to me as well

I’m not the only one with this problem, then?
Is EM Client set up wrongly?

Sounds like something is setup incorrectly in the Account settings for 1&1. 

In order for the Support folks to help, however, you will need to provide more information, such as the contents of the error message you get in eM Client, and they will also need the version of eM Client you are using (go to HELP/About for that info). 

Could also be a server issue? Lately, I seem to have a slow connection… sometimes even pages load basic (without their CSS)

The IMAP email method had been a problem anyway. I only went along with it because EM Client set it up that way automatically.
I removed them today and set them up with the POP3/SMTP method I was used to, and that seems to have solved the email problem. I can send-receive now. Trouble is EM Client also deleted everything, so I had to re-import my emails and contacts from the old back-up that is a couple of months out-of-date now.

Wish I knew how to retrieve my more recent emails from the online storage at 1&1 webmail… beyond physically sending them to myself one by one, there seems to be no obvious method of downloading from storage.

I can’t send or receive either. I’ve been checking my mail thru the web for about a week now. My imap thru em client is not connecting. I’ve been thru all settings an everything is set right.
I would try to set up as pop mail but I can’t get rid of the imap for fear I’d lose all of my folders and email.
I have updated to the latest version 7.1.30686.0.
Can anyone help me?

If you get help and resolve the issue can you please let me know. Just installed Mailbird and it work fine.