I can no longer send or receive emails. Yet, I am able to go into my website who hosts my email server and can send/receive. This is used for a small business and I need my email working quickly. Thanks to anyone who can help!

Are you getting any error messages?

Interestingly, my laptop crashed and is now at the show…so, it’s possible my entire problem was a virus. However, I have notice that I am unable to pull up my email on my iphone now. The error received is “The user name or password is incorrect.” I’ve been able to view email from my phone in the past although I don’t typically use my phone to view my mail on a regular basis…only when traveling. I am, however, still able to send/receive email via my website.

Sorry…I meant my laptop is now at the ‘shop.’

When you get the laptop back and the problem will persist, just let me know.