Can't send or receive emails. 2021 edition

For whatever reason, I can’t send nor receive emails in eM Client. Is anyone else having this problem. The only other relevant thread dates back to 2017.
Would anyone have a fix for this issue? is this at all related to not having a Pro account? Help.

When you say “2021 Edition” , can you elaborate on that ?

Do you have a specific type of account you are trying to add in that is not working. Also what’s the actual error message you get when trying to send and receive & do you have Windows or Mac OS.

Hey, Cyberzork. Thanks for asking. “2021 Edition” was a bit of a joke because the last entry regarding this similar problem was in 2017. I just have a basic account. The free version. The error message basically says that there may be a problem with the server or that there’s something awry in my settings. I’m on a PC, Windows 10.

Ok so sounds like by 2021 Edition I presume you mean eM Client 2021 version. Can you click “Menu / Help / About” and let us know what actual version you have.

Also what are your “Mail Account” IMAP / POP / Exchange etc incoming and outgoing SMTP mail settings. Obviously don’t include your account name and pass.