Can't send or receive emails. 2021 edition

For whatever reason, I can’t send nor receive emails in eM Client. Is anyone else having this problem. The only other relevant thread dates back to 2017.
Would anyone have a fix for this issue? is this at all related to not having a Pro account? Help.

When you say “2021 Edition” , can you elaborate on that ?

Do you have a specific type of account you are trying to add in that is not working. Also what’s the actual error message you get when trying to send and receive & do you have Windows or Mac OS.

Hey, Cyberzork. Thanks for asking. “2021 Edition” was a bit of a joke because the last entry regarding this similar problem was in 2017. I just have a basic account. The free version. The error message basically says that there may be a problem with the server or that there’s something awry in my settings. I’m on a PC, Windows 10.

Ok so sounds like by 2021 Edition I presume you mean eM Client 2021 version. Can you click “Menu / Help / About” and let us know what actual version you have.

Also what are your “Mail Account” IMAP / POP / Exchange etc incoming and outgoing SMTP mail settings. Obviously don’t include your account name and pass.


Just check your antivirus/firewall programs. I also experienced sudden troubles after the 8.2.1237 upgrade and adding an exception in W10 firewall did it.


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Hi, Cyberzork.

I think that we installed eM Client a couple of years ago. The version is 7.2.34959.0.

As far as I can tell the IMAP Host is Port 143.

SMTP port is 587.

This is all of the info that I can find regarding the “Mail Account” IMAP / POP / Exchange etc incoming and outgoing SMTP mail settings.”

If you have any other suggestions for finding this info please advise.


Hi, Nickname2.
Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve looked at the settings for Windows Defender. I’ll be honest. I’m not the most tech-savvy when it comes to these sorts of settings.
One thing that is strange and that has been the I’ve not been able to download the latest update. This has persisted for months but it’s not been suspicious until now.
I don’t know where to look next.

I would contact your ISP Server support or Domain mailbox support to dblcheck the IMAP Incoming mail settings are correct. Could be the settings have changed.

Hi, Cyberzork. I was thinking the same. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.