Can't send mail!

I just installed eM client, setup 4 accounts, forgetting that I’m only allowed 2, imported Thunderbird, then tried to send mail, but the mail won’t send! Is it because 2 of my accounts were blocked? I have removed the 2 I can manage without but the mail still won’t send.

I also wanted to show what accounts mail went into (inbox) so I added an Account column. What I get now is Fastmail, which I want to show, and Default, which is Fastmail anyway.

$49 (£32) is pretty steep to my mind. It is very nice software but I’m not sure I can justify that price when Thunderbird is free. Anyway, I need to get these problems sorted before I go further with this.

OK. After half an hour or so, the accounts must have been unlocked so I can now send from 2 accounts.