Cant send email using gmail and EMclient - SMTP

I have been using this for the last 5 years and all of a sudden after upgrading to the new version of EM client, I can no longer send email.

I use a hosted Gmail account and I have tried to delete EM client and then reinstall but no luck. I even let it delete the data base since I really use the default settings.

It will pull emails and new emails but I just can’t send them. Getting SMTP error and I also tried a few different ports for the SMTP. No other changes have been done other then new version.

What can I try?

Hmm I paid for life time pro version on 3 systems and I can’t seem to get any type of support? Where do I go for help? Or is that the negative of paying and using EM Client? No real support?

Please go to our website, where Support options are listed along the top menu.