Cant send email due to blacklist policy

I a new to emClient and have just set up a home user following the demise of WLM
I can receive okay but when i send the messages leave the outbox and go in to sent but do not arrive. I tried sending to my own email address and it stays in the outbox

I am getting error messages

5Cannot send message (Email body not accepted due to the following reasons
5.7.1 Message rejected due to blacklist policy

And that is it.

I ran a blacklist check on my own IP and it came back clean
I ran a blacklist check on my mail host also clean

Would apprecaite some support
I quite liked this proudct but this is disappointing as the error message does not give enough info

Update. One of the emails got through after 4 hours but if I cant resolve this by today will have to dump emClient. Hoping for some support from this forum. Thanks in advance

Hello Steve,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. That looks like you are blacklisted, could you please contact your provider and ask them about this issue?


Hi Maurice

Thank you for your reply.

The customer was not blacklisted because it worked in my Outlook.

I resolved it by deleting the account, uninstalling and reinstalling.

I like the product and was going to recommend it to some business and home clients of mine
But the lack of support means I probably won’t now.

I appreciate your reply though as I had given up on getting one


Just posting here because this is one of only two google hits to this issue.

It appears to be highly specific to people with Xtra email accounts. You in early 2017, another person with Outlook 2016 over at answers dot microsoft dot com in late 2016 - and my friend who can’t send emails to a group in late 2022.