Cant send attachments after new update


After the new update (latest release version) I cannot send any emails with attachments.

I can send emails without attachments. When I add attachments and try to send the email the em client closes automatically and restarts.

It happened every time that I tried to send files (specifically pdf files). I’ve tried to reinstall the em client and restart my PC but it didnt work.

This is the error I get: <report xmlns=""> <product> <name>eM Clien -

miércoles 07 septiembre 2022 :: 1927hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @xrusempouras

OK some questions first:

1./ What version of eMC?
2./ Windows or MAC & version?
3./ What PDF program?
4./ Is attachment local?

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Hello @skybat

  1. Version 9.1.2109.0
  2. Windows 10 Home
  3. I use Foxit Reader
  4. Yes attachment is always local

Now I have a new problem that causes the crashes. It happens when I click “always download pictures from this sender”

Previous version of em client worked perfectly. This one (I got the update like 5 days ago) has all these problems.