Can't send a email to

As a preliminary investigation, I saved several questions to consult, but when I sent the email, I received the following information.

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

----- Transcript of session follows -----
<<< 554 5.7.1 Message cannot be accepted, content filter rejection block

I don’t understand why QQ mail is on your blacklist, in the Chinese market, where the spam audit is extremely strict. It is hard to imagine that if I choose your products, I may not be able to contact you when I need technical support in the later stage.

I had to use an anonymous email address to register for the forum to report this problem.

As an evaluation or Free License user you do not have access to eM Client staff for assistance anyway, so it would probably not have made any difference.

If you purchase a Pro License, support is handled through a web interface, so there should not be any problem.

It sounds hurtful, but perhaps that’s the reality.

However, you can put forward your problems here, and we could discuss solutions together.

When you installed the application you agreed that you don’t have access to eM Client staff for assistance unless you have a Pro License. If that was difficult to accept, then you should have cancelled the installation. There is little point in being offended by something you already accepted.

Yes, that is a good idea. @iut83185, please open a new thread and post your questions.