can't save an email in drafts after making change in color

I just  started having this problem after the last update to eM Client version 7----it is hard to describe  the situation briefly—so sorry here goes

Each month I make an email with a list of all  the bills I need to pay ( rent, electric gas etc)— before I pay them they are highlighted in RED–after I pay a bill, I  highlight it in BLUE–Usually I will pay part of the bills on the 1st paycheck then save the email in  the DRAFTS  section–next pay check I will pay the other bills and save it again  in the draft section…–
So here is the problem-- the 1st email I save is fine-- I changed the colors from red to blue and it’s okay-- the second time I go in and pay more bills, it won’t save the color  changes–last month I thought I had  screwed up and just forgot to mark them as paid—so after checking that I paid them, I again marked them in blue and saved the draft—well when I went in today and checked again, they were still in red-- the only way I could get them to stay in blue was to changed the color to blue and then copy and paste into a new email—WHICH is what I had to do this month just now also as it wouldn’t save the changes…

SO WHAT THE HECK IS UP GUYS??? I’ve never had this problem before–my July, Aug and Sept saved drafts are  just fine–all in blue–so it has to be something in the last update in Oct–it really worries me as I am constantly saving  info in a draft then going back in and adding more to a saved draft–so how much info might I be losing that I thought I was saving–most of the other info I save is in plain text BUT ???

would appreciate help with this matter

thanks n