Can't retrieve lost key. Please help.

Hi.  I have tried to activate the free account but there is already an account.  Tried to retrieve the lost key a couple of days ago but no email from you folks.  Tried again today to get key sent but still no email.  It’s not in spam?  Any help is appreciated.

If your trial has expired, you will not receive any emails.  Use your web client to check for the license.

Sorry I don’t understand.  I get a message telling me the evaluation will end in 5days click here to get key.  Click get key to find there is a previous key associated with my email address(from years ago). License for this email already exists. Only one free license per email is allowed (ok can I get key back). Yes - You can get your existing activation key here. Click here - says email sent check spam and no email sent.  Why would there be a recover activation key that doesn’t work.  Thanks for your input Jay but this does not make sense.  Please can someone manually send me my license key as per other posts if the automated system does not work - many thanks in advance.

I just requested mine and I received an email within 5 seconds.  Just try and use your webmail client to see if you received it.

Thanks Jay - I used a different email account for a new key so up and running.  Shame I couldn’t get the old / original key back though.  All the best.