Can't retrieve emails after email account was hacked

My email account was apparently hacked. Now after fixing all of the problems with that account eMClient will not retrieve emails from the server. I have synced the passwords and the account name to no avail. I’m dead in the water. Can anybody help me out please?

Assuming Windows 10 and latest eMC version and IMAP

What are the errors you are encountering… MENU > Operations
What did you have to “fix” with “that account”?
Who is your mail host?

Error is the red triangle “Connection Failed”
Reset the password, deleted and recreated the email account
Local provider, ATMC, not a national provider.

New emails are reaching the server which was the original problem.

Click MENU > Operations >Log and display what was recorded for the “Connection Failed”.

What are your eMC IMAP settings for the ATMC Account

I don’t know and can’t figure out how to find those settings.



IMAP settings are within the IMAP tab… Private info should not be part of what you display

I only see the host server name, my email account name and password. I’ve ensured that these are correct.

Might be easier to remove the account and add it back, backing it up prior…