Can't restore from Win7 to Win10

I switched to emClient a few months ago, using it on a Win7 box. Recently I did a clean install of Win10 on a brand new drive, I backed up my Win7 email files, copied that file to Win10 to the AppData\Roaming\emClient folder and tried to restore my backup files. It seemed to go smoothly until the very end, at which point it gave me a looong error message and told me to contact support. If it matters, I checked and both release versions are the same.

I saw this problem before. Don’t copy your backup file to Roaming\eM Client. Delete it from that directory and place it somewhere else, like in Downloads. Then try again.

Got the same error message, telling me to contact emClient support.

When i upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 using EMClient I found (the folders and data) within EMClient AppData\Roaming folder slightly differant in Win 10 compared to Win 7 and dumping the old EMClient data didn’t work for me. So I restored an old EMClient file and that worked. So it suspect the structure of data and/or folders of the mail store etc are differant from the Win 7 versions.

I never used eM Client on WIn 7, but I would hope that the in-app backup and restore would work across different versions of the OS and alter the folder structure if needed. Seems it may do just that as cyberzork discovered.

Backup and restore, meaning the in-app function, is often used to describe just copying the directory structure. They are apparently not always the same thing. I personally don’t use the in-app function because I want to retain more than the last 5 backups. So I have my daily backups run by a script, and this just copies the directory structure for eM Client. I did do some testing before relying on this, so I know I can restore my data if needed. As you know, a backup is only as good as it’s ability to restore. How many people faithfully run backups, but never test the restore?

There are some differences in how the backup processes run; the in-app backup can run when the client is open (new feature in 7.1?), but copying the directory can’t.
Anyway, for Win 10 to Win 10 backup-restore this copy method will work just fine, but I will be sure to use the in-app backup if I do decide to change OS versions.