Can't restore file

Reset Windows 11. Trying to get data from eM backup, but file zipped and can’t unzip and file appears in my W11 file list, but not when I try to put it in Menu/file/restore

Put the backup zip file in …\Documents\eM Client. Then use Menu > File > Restore. It will detect it automatically.

Otherwise, if you have it in another folder just select that FOLDER from the restore dialogue. It won’t show the file, because it is asking for the FOLDER where the file is saved. The choice of file comes later, if there is more than one in that FOLDER.

Thanks, but whilst the folder with a horizontal line through it,or is it a file, appears in Windows Explorer with Type [Compressed (zipped) Folder], it doesn’t appear when I go to File/Restore (then I confirm I want to restore). Other working files (Word/Excel/etc) that I’ve copied back from my Backup after a total reset of my operating system (Window11 machine only 4 months old) are there, but not the backup file I renamed eM Client 23-04-12. All day spent on trying to get everything back working - I’m mad with W11!!!