Can't reset zoom level in e-mail editor

In Firefox, Chrome, and possibly other programs, the zoom level can be reset either three a menu or by pressing Ctrl+Numpad0.

In eM Client’s e-mail editor, the zoom level can’t be reset, so it can be hard to find the original zoom level after changing it. (Note that the keyboard shortcut to do this does work in the e-mail _viewer_.)

I have tested it right now and it works OK.…
Please install the latest version from the link above and let me know if it helps.

I just tried it, and the behaviour is the same.

(I’m using Windows 8 64-bit with Internet Explorer 10.)

I tested it on WIN 7 - I did not realize you are using Win8. In your case, I cannot provide you any solution at the moment but I forwarded this issue to our developers who will try to find a solution.

I’ve the same issue in W7 64bit. The zoom level does reset, but will not be saved. So the next e-mail you open will be zoomed again.

Can you please post here a screenshot of your standard zoom level? Thank you.

Like this?

This does not seem to be zoomed in? Is it?

No, this one is zoomed in.

And when I press ctrl+0 the zoom level does reset. But when I open any e-mail, they are all zoomed in. I can only reset this by ctrl± or ctrl+scroll wheel.

I have the same problem but not zoomed in, it zoomed out so when I open eM client the messages are small. I am able to reset it with ctrl 0 but when I exit and open it’s still zoomed small.

Hello. This issue should be resloved - the fix will be included in the next update


It is very strange - please contact me directly at [email protected] - I will send you further instructions.

This sounds for me as the same issue.

When is the “next update”? The last reply was 4 months ago. I am using version 5.0.18661.0 and the zoom is not saved when I reset it using Ctrl + 0.


you can download this version, it should go public very soon, but I am allowed to share it on forum already from today.
It is tested by us and users so there should be no new major issues and most old one are resolved.…


I just installed this version and the problem is not solved yet.

It does work, that “0” is meant one above keyboard not in numerical block, anyway in 6th version shortcuts are editable so you will be able to do change it to any combination you want.


John - I have to agree with Xites, the fix does not work. I downloaded and installed the new version, and it is not fixed. I am not sure you are understanding what the problem is. It is not *SAVING* the reset zoom if you use CTRL + 0 when you exit eM Client. These are the exact steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Open eM Client
  2. View any email
  3. Zoom way out using CTRL + Minus a lot - make the font really really small so it is easy to tell it is zoomed out.
  4. Exit eM Client
  5. Open eM Client again
  6. Notice, all emails are still zoomed out.
  7. Reset the zoom to 100% by hitting CTRL + 0.
  8. Exit eM Client
  9. Open eM Client again
  10. Everything is still zoomed out! eM Client did not save the reset zoom!

I hope you understand what the issue is. eM Client will only save the zoom level if you use CTRL + Minus or CTRL + Plus. It will *NOT* save the zoom level when you use CTRL + 0.

Another way to tell that eM Client is not saving the zoom level when you reset it using CTRL + 0…

  1. Zoom way out, or way in… make the text really really large or really really small.
  2. CTRL + 0 to reset zoom to 100%
  3. Now, click on CTRL + Minus or CTRL + Plus *ONE TIME*
  4. BAM - your zoom level is back to whatever it was before you reset, really really small or really really large.