Can't Reply

eM Client was working just fine for me until this morning when I upgraded to the new version (5.0.18661.0). Now, everything seems to work fine with one big exception: when I click the “reply” button on the toolbar, nothing visible seems to happen in eM Client (it still lets me move from one email to another, for example), but (1) I don’t get a “reply” window, and (2) the MailClient.exe*32 task starts using as much CPU as it can get (generally close to 100%).

But a bit different: since the update yesterday (9-11) it now crashes with an application error when I hit Reply, or Forward buttons!



we are very sorry for this inconvenience - we are currently working on the fix and will release an update as soon as possible.

2Harry - you can temporarily workaround it by not using templates (if you use any)

2Richard - try to reset Internet Explorer settings to Default - it could help too.

Thx for quick reply, please do fix this asap?!

I will NOT change anything to my Internet Explorer settings!
Any particular singular setting you had in mind that I might (be inclined to) test?

Please contact me directly at - I will send you our internal version containing the fix.

Today the problem seems to have gone away. The “reply” button works just fine.

Very odd…


thank you for your update on this issue, is it still okay or your issue has come back again?


I have this trouble too. I use ie with default settings & I don’t use templates. Some times it freezes & sometimes it doesn’t. All since I installed the latest update 5 .1866.1.0


please contact me on together with this topic’s URL in subject.


Product support have been in contact with me on this problem over the last few days and have solved it, with a new(er) version. I also upgraded to IE8 on my old and trusted WinXPsp3…

Good, professional support.

Problem solved.

This is happening to me as well. It happens with Reply or Forward. MailClient.exe takes up to 100% of one CPU and when I close the app GUI the process remains open.

I have Windows 7 x64 and IE10. It seems to have started after this month’s patch tuesday.

This also happens to me occasionally - ‘Reply’ or ‘Reply All’ just stop working. When I close eM Client, it remains an active process.

So far, the only fix I’ve found is rebooting.

2 all who encounter this issue: Please contact me at - I will send you further instructions.