Cant recieve emails

Hi All

I have searched high and low, but cant seem to find an answers.

Situation is this:

I have been using eM Client with 2 accounts (1 Gmail, 1 Hotmail) for a number of years.

This week I have changed internet provider to BT. I have literally changed nothing else. Same laptop, same antivirus, same operating system, same everything. All thats changed is the wifi connection.

Now i can’t refresh the accounts in eM Client. I can send emails from both accounts without issue, but they will not receive any emails.

Both have been setup using IMAP.

Can anyone help?


I can make a few suggestions…

(1) Upgrade to latest version 8.0.3385.0
(2) Temporarily stop your AV

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Thank you

Turning the AV off has solved the problem, however as soon as I turn it back on again it goes back to being unable to refresh.

I have added eM Client to the list of allowed apps (AVG Free), but it doesnt appear to make any difference.

Any further help is appreciated.

I believe you have the ability to just turn off Email Shield and allowing the rest of AVG to function…??