Can't receive or send e-mails. I use Windows 7 if this helps.

Can’t receive or send e-mails. Evidently something’s wrong with my user name and/or password since i get note saying authenticaton required. I use Windows 7 if this helps. Please advise me as what to do to get my e-mails. Thank you.

If you have a Yahoo account. Yahoo has made some security change that does not allow eM to connect. If you log onto your Yahoo account and set “Allow apps that use less secure sign in” to yes it will allow temporary connections. 

Do not have Yahoo account. I have Windows 7 and use Internet Explorer. My phone number is 804-716-7035 and it’s been a week or more since I haven’t seen any of my e-mails since I have been in process of moving from NC to Virginia. Any help you can give me will me greatly appreciated. Thank you.