Can't receive mail. Starts download but times out without success. Used to work fine, new issue. Can send mail fine.

eM has been installed and working great for +1yr or so. Now cannot receive mail, can send. When I click ‘Send/Receive’ it starts the download, the bar graph progresses a bit then stops and finally disappears. No new mail in the inbox… 
Ran diagnostics, SMTP and POP test fine… but the test mail did not arrive at eM, did see it at the comcast website mail.

Hello Dan,
are there any error messages in Menu>Tools>Operations window’s Error and Log tabs?
Do you have this account set up as POP or IMAP on any other device?


Dear Olivia, I did not have any error messages. It is a POP account.
I did go thru all of the settings and re-input passwords and account info. All is working fine again.
Thanx so much for the support though. I recommend this mail client to everyone…