cant receive emails

can’t receive emails, there is no error message, just nothing coming in. I know I am being sent emails as I have a windows live 2012 account which is receiving . I am wanting to replace this with Em client.

Hi Kathryn, you need to provide more details to get assistance.  Is this account a Microsoft account (@Hotmail, @live, @outlook)?

How is it set up in Windows Live Mail? (POP, IMAP, HTML)?

Also take a look at this thread regarding how to set up Microsoft accounts in eM Client

Hi Kathryn,
we indeed need more information, as John above suggests.
What is the version of eM Client - check the Help>About section for exact number.
What type of account is this and how is it set up?
What is written in the LOG window (tools>Operations>Log) when you Refresh your mail?


Hi John and Olivia Thanks for your replies. I’m a technophobe so I had a techie set this up for me but now hes gone AWOL!
It is a microsoft account. My eM client version is 6.0.24928.0 it is set up as POP3.
Thanks for your efforts

forgot to add that the log says [email protected][MAP]synchronizing subfoldersfor folder [email protected]/inbox
its then followed by the above …done.
this is followed by the above but instead of /inbox it says /gmail, then again followed by done

Hi Olivia
Could you please get back to me