Cant receive activation key

My free trial ended this afternoon. Was ok this morning and was sending emails out. My laptop did an update and then eM came up with the license message. Clicked on the renew button and it only wants to send the key to my email account that is currently not receiving or sending emails! Tried one of my other emails and it didn’t recognise it as I guess it needs to be the one that is with the eM account.

Are you unable to log in to your email host via your web browser and read your email?

Hi, eM is open and can read emails already received before 12pm yesterday. Can’t send or receive. The refresh button doesn’t do anything. eM is trying to send me the ‘key’ to start my new license but nothing coming in or going out

As @sunriseal asked, can you access your email in your email provider’s webmail interface?

I have looked but can’t find a way to do this. Currently loading eM onto my phone to see if I can do it that way but has been ‘finishing account’ for about 10 minutes!

If your email account is with Gmail, then you open webmail here:

If it is with another provider, you use their webmail interface. If you don’t know the web address, ask your email provider.