Can't read forwarded email content

I’ve recived an email forwarded from a client to me, I can read the email/comment wrote buy my client but not the email forwarded.
I can read the complete email whit Thunderbird e Postbox.
My Client as a Mac whit Mail program, I have a pc whit Windows 7 64 bit. Thanks for help

send me the problematic email saved as .eml at Thank you.

Email sended, thanks for help :slight_smile:

Any news? I’m still in the trial time, and I have ti decide which email program run for my job, this is a problem for me, because I can’t read some of my client’s emails.
Thanks for help, best regards

We were able to fix it so you can expect it in one of the next updates.

Ok, thanks. Have you any idea the deployment time of next updates?

If you email me at I can send you our internal version which contains the fix for this issue.