can't print

I have lost ability to print e-mails!
I have version 6.0.20617.0
I used to be able to print e-mails, but now the round disc just spins, and then nothing.
A brief message tells me to be patient, it may take a while.
Then it goes away.
Nothing in the print queue.
Same thing happens if I try print preview.
I am running windows 8.1
My printer works for other programs, so it’s not my printer.

Hi Susan, can you please try to update to this, more recent release of the application and check if the issue persists?

Thank you,

I upgraded to 6.02.0899.0 and still have the problem

Hi again Susan, if you’re seeing the turning wheel, for how long are you seeing it?
Can you print out of Internet Explorer (even if it’s not your daily browser)?

Thank you,

Just a second or two for the turning wheel. When I check the print queue, there is nothing there. Yes, I can print from internet explorer.

Hi again Susan,
just to make sure, is the “Print” window displayed after using the Print option in eM Client, or is it not displayed (e.g. nothing happens after using the button/option in menu)?
If it’s not displayed, can you please send me an email to with a reference (URL) link to this forum topic?

Thank you,