cant print emails

I cannot print emails

What version of eM Client do you use? Can you please describe more your problem?

IE 9 was the problem; uninstalled IE 9 and printing works. IE 9 also looks way bad; I do NOT like it.


I am facing the same problem. But I can not deinstall ie9 as I am a web developer and I have to test my websites with ie9 and other browsers.


  • Printing works within the other modules: calender, contacts.
  • In the email modul the printind dialog just don’t open.
  • If I am writing an new email I can print this one either in html or plain text.

emClient: 3.5.12491.0
OS: Windows 7 - 64bit
Browser: ie9

This is the third bug within 3 days and I have paid for this software. So please fix this asap. Printing is a key feature.

We are sorry for this build error (accidentally happened during merging versions), it should be working in the next version also available at… .

Y have the same problem , but y have 4.0.15 versión, and
OS: Windows 7 - 64bit
Browser: ie9.

Plz do you have any solution for this case?

can you print anything from IE?

Yes y can print, but y have 2 IE , 32 and 64 bits, ( Only 64 bit can print fine(

appreciate any help with this program you can print

Try the following workaround: Open Internet Explorer, Tools - Internet Options - Advanced and press Restore advanced settings button.

With the last update of IE - 11.0.9600.16518IS - February 11, 2014
I could not print anymore.
I followed informations given by George Wilson and now it’s ok.
eM Client version 6.0.19861.0