Can't post calendar events !

I cannot get events to show up on my calendar. When I double click on a day to put in an entry nothing happens. Please help me out.

what calendar do you use? Does it work when you use other ways of events creation and does edit or remove on events work?

I am trying to use the calendar function within eM Client. I set up an event today by clicking on the Action drop down box and clicking on Add an event. I set one up but it did not appear on the calendar.

we would really appreciate if you send us a screenshot of your account settings of the problematic account so we can try to simulate the issue: go to menu Tools->Accounts, select the problematic account on the left side and on the right select CalDAV tab, then take a screenshot and send it to us. Thanks.

Hi Gabriel
I don’t know how or why, but I was playing around with the program this morning and clicked on file, then import (but didn’t import anything) and noticed that all of a sudden a calendar appeared. I can now add entries and was able to import all icalendar entries.
It looks like in a round about way my problem was solved.

Hi Megan-
You know, I was having the same problem, and on a lark did what you suggested, and IT WORKED!!! I was trying all d**n day to fix it, and your little trick worked! Thanks!