Can't paste e-mail addresses into To: fields

I recently have begun trying out eM, and initially it looked like it had great promise. (Spitting image of MS Outlook, but that’s okay.) But I have found that I cannot paste e-mail addresses into the To: fields that I have copied, even from within the program. What’s up with that? Has anyone else had this problem? More importantly, does anyone have a fix?

Was pretty hopeful, but something as basic as this would really be a deal breaker if I can’t get this resolved.


can you try updating Internet Explorer to newest version? EM Client uses it’s core and most issues with copy/past lied in Internet Explorer.


Fancy that! I just happened to download/install a few updates a couple days ago, including the upgrade to IE 11. And yes, that did seem to resolve the issue! So thanks!

So maybe I’ll keep eM after all! (Although startup is exceptionally slow!)

Thanks again.

Thank you for your update on your issue. Slow start can be caused by slow hdd or high fragmentation (if you do not use SSD for eM Client’s database).