Can't open Open Office attachments direct from eM Client...

I can’t seem to open Open Office attachments to emails in eM Client. I’m currently using Windows 7 and Open Office 3.2.0 and whenever I try to open a document or spreadsheet I get a message in eM Client telling me that there is no program associated with that type of file. Having checked the Default Programs lists they are all associated to the correct programs.

If I save the attachments to my hard drive, rather than try and open them directly from eM Client, then they save and open fine.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Openoffice . Yep Same thing execpt using winxp…I noticed that when I open an email with an attachment that is a .doc and a click to open , it will ask me what program I want to open it with so I select openoffice writer and check all ways use selected program to open this type of file. It opens in open office fine but the next time I get a .doc attachment in an email I have to do this all over again. Now on all .doc files on the desk top or in any folder it opens in open office with out asking. It seems that the email program is not following the extension associated with open office when an attachment in opened from the email . I know long explanation sorry.