Can't open any mail or folders

I downloaded eM Client yesterday. All my mail, folders etc seem to be there and new mail is showing up but I cannot open anything to actually read them. All I get are these little dots running in a line. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TY

Hi, those little dots means that that account/folder is synchronizating. Could you tell me what account to read/send your emails do you use? (@domain is enough for me) and if you are able to tell, then what protocol for that do you use?


I use yahoo mail and my internet provider is MetroCast. I have no idea how to tell what protocol I use

you can tell by going to Tools - accounts - your account and if you have IMAP or POP3 tab there.

When you will see this tab write me here your “port” number and “security policy”, it might be set wrong (i suppose that you have used automatic setup), but it also might be long term issue with Yahoo’s authentication servers.