Can't load addresses from Contacts to New Messages

When composing new messages, I’m suddenly unable to enter recipients e-mail addresses from Contacts. When I click on “To” the “Select Contact” window opens, but double clicking on an address does nothing, and clicking on the “Add” button opens the data entry window for new contacts, instead of adding the address to the new e-mail message! Help.

Try to drag and drop a contact into the “To” field and then press OK - does it work?
The “Add” button is really supposed to add a new contact.

George, I replied to your e-mail 7 days ago but have heard nothing further in response. Does that mean you’ve given up on the problem, or do you only respond to stuff that typed on line on this page? If so, I’ll try it again here. In response to your suggestion, here’s what I said:

"Thanks, George, but no that does not work. When I drag and drop the contact into the “To” field or “Cc” field, it pops automatically into the “Attached” listings.

I’m sure that previously the selected name or names could be moved to the “To” field by either double clicking or by clicking on “Add”. So something has changed, either by design or by malfunction.

Why would you want a button to add a new contact in the “Select Contact” window, which by design only opens only when you click on the “To” field, specifically for the purpose of selecting addressees from your list of existing contacts? That makes no sense. Something is screwed up.


I gather you guys have no customer service line we can call when the program breaks. Anyway, hope you can help. Thanks.


I am not sure if we resolved this by email or what is the status of this issue. Please email me once again and I will try to investigate the problem directly on your PC. Thank you.

Our phone number is on our webpage. Yet we believe the email communication is more effective because we can usually provide instant solution.

George, what is your e-mail address? I did reply to your e-mail, once again, last Wednesday, at noreply.emclient@getsatisfaction, and once again I’ve not heard from you. Not sure if that “noreply” has meaning; is this a valid address? Have you received my e-mails (6/17/13 and 6/26/13)?

I also sent a note about the problem to, but again there’s been no response.

So for over two weeks now the only way I’ve been able to address e-mails to my contacts is to manually type in each of their addresses. Not fun, especially when I have to copy in a larger group of people!

Sorry for the delayed reply - you can email me directly at