Can't launch program. .

I just downloaded the EM Client msi file and ran it, and it appeared to run through the installation and gave me a “finished” message. However, there is no shortcut and no file evident on which I can click to start the email program. I presume that I could set up a shortcut were I able to find the program, but in looking through the emclient folders in the C:\Program files (x86) folder I can’t find any executable program. Windows 11, new laptop. Any advice will be appreciated.
– Roger

The shortcut should be in your Windows Start Menu.

If it isn’t, you can create a desktop shortcut to C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe

I have Windows 7 Home Edition. I was using Windows Live 2012 email until support stopped last year. I then downloaded eM Client version 8 and it worked/migrated perfectly with gmail. Two days ago, I tried to upgrade to eM Client version 9 and, though it downloaded without a problem, I could not get the program to open. The error message had to do with “permissions”. So I deleted the download and returned to version 8 and it worked perfectly. Never had a “permissions” issue with version 8. Is there a fix to this problem? Thanks.