can't install and use eM Client

cannot successfully install eM Client. Have tried 3 installs/uninstalls today. Says license already exists. Voice email support box is full. I have the license number
but can’t get any further. Says I have “no account” where my name should be. I really want to use and like eM Client, but I am discouraged.


It seems to be that someone else is using your licensekeynumber,please contact they can reset your licensekey number and add again to your computer or giving you another licensekey and disable the previous licensekey.

Kindly regards,Geert Van Osch

Hi, is this problem still actual?

I downloaded this program and cannot figure out to get it to run either. I found the program folder, but cannot find which sub-folder to open to get it to open so that I can use it. Any suggestions George?

Simply run MailClient.exe.